Why are Amazon prices different than what's on your website?

Amazon offers a lot of convenience to us and to you as the customer. Unfortunately, there are a lot of added fees for the seller when selling products online. The biggest fee we have to account for is shipping product to Amazon and shipping product to the customer. 

Amazon products may advertise that shipping is "free" or included with Amazon Prime, but those fees are simply passed back to the seller. 

Amazon also negotiates extremely favorable shipping rates with the major carriers. In fact, they have the lowest shipping rates on the internet. We simply cannot compete with Amazon shipping prices. 

If you compare the total price on our website (Product + Shipping) to the total price advertised on Amazon with shipping "included" you will see the price points are nearly identical. 

We are grateful and thankful for your business. As a very small business, every bit of support truly helps. 

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